Turn to Ginger for a healthy heart!!

Although the heart-healthy and cholesterol benefits of garlic have been long-known, it has now been revealed that ginger could prove as good.

ginger and healthy heartA major cause of Atherosclerosis, a major cause of coronary heart disease, happens when the fatty cells and bad cholesterol stick to the artery walls, leading to inflammation, preventing blood circulation. Ginger reduces the stickiness of blood platelets, while also promoting circulation.

Dr. Isaac Mathai, Medical Director, Soukya International Holistic Health Center, say that ginger has the property of reducing cholesterol absorption in Liver and blood, thereby reducing cholesterol levels.

To add to this, research has proved that herbs like ginger are much safer and better than non-steroidal-anti-inflammatory drugs. The  February 2006 edition of ˜Alternative and Complementary Therapies reveal that herbal anti-inflammatories work on multiple-target mechanisms in the body, making it less potent than pharmaceuticals. In the process, the side-effects linked to drugs are also limited.

Eating small quantities of ginger a day, say as much as 50gms, would be sufficient, say experts. However, to achieve maximum benefits, add a little water, mash it with a metal object in a steel or brass cup. Drop the mashed pulp into boiling water and use the decoction for tea or in curries while cooking.

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