Top 9 Amazing Home Remedies For Teething Your Baby

Home Remedies For Teething Your Baby

Teething is the very important phase of your baby’s growth. Teeth when start coming, they create a very painful situation for your little one and makes him annoyed and irritated. It is very important for your baby that his teeth grow well and there are a number of things which you can do to help him in reducing the pain and irritation. These are only some natural home remedies which will help your baby to experience this stage easily and painlessly.

Here Are Some Of The Easy Home Remedies For Teething:


Ice will really be helpful to your baby when he is experiencing teething. This will to reduce the swelling in baby’s gums and moreover it decreases the pain too. Take some ice cubes and a clean towel. Wrap the ice cube in the towel. Now let your baby to suck this and feel the relaxation. It will help him soothe his gums and reduction in pain.



A frozen banana will also be very helpful for your baby. Take a fresh banana and freeze it for some time and now let your baby put it on his gums to feel the relaxation and decrease in his pain. This is a really helpful remedy which will heal the gums of your little dear one..


Iced Bottle:

This is also an easy and amazingly helpful remedy which will help your baby in relaxed teething. Just take the baby’s feeding bottle and fill it completely with water. Now turn it upside down, so that the water gets collected in the nipple of the bottle. Now in this position freeze the bottle in refrigerator. After some time take it out, and let your baby put the nipple in his mouth and suck or gnaw it for some time. It will help him to get rid of discomfort and coolness of it will soothe his gums.

Iced Bottle

Cold Spoon:

This is another method of helping your baby in simplifying his process of teething. Take a clean spoon and keep it in the freezer for some time. Then take it out and have your baby put it in his mouth and suck for some time. It will provide him with the cold comfort and help in the easy teething. This is a really helpful method to see a cute smile on your young one’s face in his difficult times of teething.

Cold Spoon

Wet Cloth:

You can simply take a clean cloth and dip it in the cold water. Now when it gets completely wet, let your baby gnaw it and suck it for some time. This will really help the baby to soothe his little gums and make him happy.

Wet Cloth

Apple Wedges:

Things like the peel of fruits such as apple wedges will also be very helpful for your baby in teething. It will satisfy the baby’s irritation of gums to chew something to get the relaxation. Take a fresh apple and remove its peel. Now let your baby chew it with his little soft gums. This will really make him satisfied and comfortable. You can also try wedges of other such fruits which are good for your baby. You can repeat this remedy anytime for soothing your baby’s gum whenever he/she gets irritated. It will show a cute smile on your dear one’s face.

Apple Wedges


Biscuit is generally coarse surfaced which will help your baby to rub his gums on it and provide him the adequate comfort and contentment. You can give a sweet biscuit of thin shape to your baby and let him chew it for some time. It will get rubbed on his irritating gums and reduce the itching feeling of gums. You can repeat this nearly 2 times a day. Not repeat it more often, otherwise it may rash his gums and lead to sores.



Massaging will be very helpful for your little baby. You can simply massage his delicate gums with your fingers slowly. It will give comfort to the baby and help in softening of his gums. Don’t be rigorous while massaging just be light handed and slowly massage his gums. This will be really helpful for your baby and ease the process of teething. You can repeat this twice to thrice a day to soothe your baby’s gums.



Carrot can also be very useful for your little one. Take a fresh carrot which is big in size. Don’t take the small one because bigger one will be more beneficial in this process. Peel off the carrot nicely and wash it under the running water. Now give it to your baby. The baby will put it in the mouth and try chewing and sucking it. This will reduce his pain and give him a feeling of satisfaction.


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