Mint (Itals / Mentha) is an aromatic herb that is native to Europe, Africa and Asia. With more than six hundred varieties, the bright green leaves of this herb always found a place for itself in the ancient Roman kitchen. All varieties of this herb are aromatic, while the French variety smells more like a banana.

Mint has both cooling and warming effects when consumed. The distinct taste and smell of the herb is due to the fact that it is highly rich in essential oils. It aids digestion, reduces inflammation, prevents spasms, and has anti-bacterial properties. The oil derived from the herb, contains Vitamins A and C, flavonoids and menthol.

The leaves contain a rich concentration of peppermint oil, which helps gall bladder in secretion of bile required for digestion. Almost all parts of the herb are beneficial for culinary and medicinal purposes. Applying a fresh paste of the leaves on the hands and face repels insects and flies. During ancient days, the bright leaves of the herb were used for water purification during sea voyages.

Mint is also known for its benefits in spirit motivation. Researches conducted at the Wheeling Jesuit University in United States have revealed that the aroma of Peppermint is a strong motivator and a mood booster that eventually leads to better performance.