The Benefits of Seated Massage

Many of us now work long hours, often sitting in an office over a computer for many hours a day. This can have implications to our health and wellbeing. 
Our posture is generally affected in a negative way and many people suffer from neck and shoulder pain and tension, back pain, eye strain, repetitive strain problems with the hands and wrists. General feelings of anxiety, irritability, fatigue and stress are very common.

Seated Acupressure Massage or On-site Massage as its often known today was developed in Silicon Valley in California in 1984 when David Palmer began giving 20 minute massages to employees of Apple Computers. David went on to design an ergonomic portable chair to give an effective massage to his clients who could be seated in total comfort.

Most seated massage today is also a 15-20 minute treatment over clothes with muscle manipulation, stretches, joint mobilisations and acupressure covering the back, neck, shoulders, arms and hands of the client and can include the scalp. 

The treatment promotes a sense of wellbeing because muscles relax, blood circulation is increased and nerve responses are stimulated. Through the meridian system and acupressure points, the organs of the body are tonified. 

Whilst the massage itself is relaxing most people report feeling more alert/awake afterwards and the overall effect is one of re-vitalisation. Ideal if you have to get back to work afterwards!

Regular seated massages can provide the same  physiological and psychological benefits as massage and can offer you:

  • A quick, affordable and effective relaxing and revitalising treatment
  •  Deep targeted local pressure combined with stretches and acupressure really releases tension in the muscles and qi in the meridian system and leaves you feeling looser and more flexible
  •  Your position in the chair allows the therapist easy access to work effectively on common problem areas such as the back, neck and shoulders to help alleviate pain and stiffness
  • Can help relieve headaches, eye strain and general fatigue from working on a computer
  •  Arms, hands and wrists can be included to work on areas where repetitive strain injuries are common 

  • No need to take clothes off and no oil is generally used so the treatment can easily fit into your working day without creating a disturbance
  •  Productivity and general health are improved through regular workplace treatments
  •  Work related stress, anxiety, tension and depression can be alleviated and sickness levels reduced when used regularly

So many of us find it difficult to fit in a regular full body massage even when we really enjoy one due to time or financial constraints. Seated massage in the workplace is a fantastic alternative. 

If you work from home, your workplace is unsuitable or just want to try out seated massage perhaps you can arrange for a few friends to come to your home or suitable venue such as a gym or a club you attend, maybe on a weekly or monthly basis and ask a practitioner to come to you.

I offer a mobile service with the minimum fee of £30 ( 3 treatments) in my area so that a small group of friends can each have a beneficial seated massage at little expense or incovenience to themselves.
The general fee for the workplace is £10 for 15 -20 minutes massage. 
Timings can be arranged to suit the company on an individual basis. 
 Indian Head Massage can be offered as an alternative to back massage.

As an Aromatherapist I also offer therapeutic Aroma Inhalers that can be custom- made or chosen from my range. These are filled with a beneficial blend of essential oils to aid with motivation, relaxation, immune protection, anxiety, clear thinking for example. 
These inhalers are a fantastic way to use essential oils in the workplace as they can have a direct impact on the person using them without anybody else who may be sitting nearby.

To contact me about seated massage and/or aromatherapy in your workplace or at an event please email me:

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