salvia officinalis—distilled from the dried leaves.  Also called “Dalmation Sage”.  Fresh, warm-spicy, herbaceous, somewhat camphorous odor.  Used as fragrance component in some detergents, cosmetics, and colognes.  Used as flavoring in foods and drinks.  This is the sage usually grown in your gardens and has many culinary uses. There are many chemotypes, such as Purple, Pineapple, Variegated, Provence, Decumbus, Fructicosa, etc. Blends with ROSEMARY, ROSEWOOD, LAVENDER, HYSSOP, LAURUS NOBILIS, CLARY SAGE, LEMON, and other citrus.   Class: Ketone; contains approximately 60% Thujone, monoterpenes, sesquiterpenes, hydrocarbons, alcohols, esters, phenols, oxides 

CAUTIONS: Generally considered non-toxic, non-sensitizing, non-irritating in low doses.  Should be used with caution and always diluted. Excess may overwhelm nervous system. Avoid using with CINNAMON. 
CHARACTER:  “Capable Wisdom “, Huntress Artemis,  Lunar Goddess, Authority, Mature, Saving, Assistor, Yang
ETHERIC COLORS: Chartreuse, Orange
ENERGY:  3,4
NUMBER:  7  
CRYSTAL:  Malachite     
CHAKRA:  4,2,3     
NOTE:  Top         
ASTRO:  Jupiter
USED FOR THESE POSITIVE STATES:  Efficient, Persistent,  Memory
USED FOR THESE NEGATIVE STATES:  Anxiety, Mental Excitation, Hyper-emotional, Hyper sensitive, Weakness, Depression
USED FOR THESE PHYSICAL STATES:  (Use with caution) Expectorant, Hot flashes, deodorant, anti-inflammatory.  Julia Lawless says use with care or avoid in therapeutic work.
+Knows what they want and can do.  Knows how to appear without weakness in order to reach goals.
+Uncompromising sense of justice. Possible divine connection.
+Unconditional love of life.  Wishes free expression.
+Appeals more to intelligence rather than heart.
+Tenacious, persistent, concise, efficient, socially capable. Tireless worker.  Achieves anything they undertake.
+Not afraid to impose authority and strictness. 
-If negative, may be intolerant and show outpouring of combativeness reminiscent of an Amazon.  Does not tolerate mistakes.
Famous SAGE people include Golda Meir, Indira Gandhi, Margaret Thatcher.
BLENDS: Emerald Pool, Muladahara Petroglyph, Sage Country, Terra Cotta, Way of the Leaf,  

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