Ravintsara ORG

Focus on the SP Ravintsara (Cinnamomum camphora) ORG in from Madagascar

analysis SP batch 3663
cineole 58.5%
sabinene 14.4%
a terpineol 7.4%
a pinene and a thylene 5.5%
terpinen – 4 ol 7.4%

this oil with its high cineole content is recommended by aromatherapists for whooping cough, the mode of use being inhalation

not to be confused with cinnamomum camphora from formosa which has a high camphor content and is sometimes called Ravensara

not to be confused with true Ravensara which with its high estragole content is recommended for viral conditions like herpes and shingles in adults.  Aromatherapists tend to substitute Ravintsara for use with children

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