Natural plant extract effective in reducing Osteoarthritis

A natural plant extract may be effective in reducing Osteoarthritis, reveals a recent study.

The extract, originating from the bark of ‘maritime pine’, works by reducing levels of inflammation, according to multiple study reports by Italian Scientists of the Chieti-Pescara University, who conducted the study together with Germanys University of Munster.

The plant extract, Pycnogenol, works by reducing inflammatory marker called ‘C-Reactive Protein’ (CRP).

For the study, about 55 patients from previous Osteoarthritis study were chosen out of 156 patients, who had considerably elevated CRP levels. Their treatment included 2 tablets daily of either 50mg Pycnogenol or Placebo.

Blood specimens of the subjects were drawn during the initial study, and again after three months of treatment. The researchers noticed that ‘Pycnogenol’ levels considerably lowered CRP from an average of 3.9 mg/L at baseline to 1.1mg/L, reflecting healthy levels. However, they noticed only a marginally lower CRP level in the placebo group.

Taking into account, several other blood parameters indicative of acute inflammation, such as fibrinogen (which decreased 37.1%) and reactive oxygen species (decreased by 29.9%), following administration of Pycnogenol.

The decrease of systematic inflammatory markers, particularly, CRP, indicates the Pycnogenol properties may be effective to arrest the spread of inflammation from osteoarthritic joints to other parts of the body, concludes the lead researcher of the study, Dr. Peter Rohdewald.

When the inflammatory process spreads throughout the body, it leads to degeneration and burdens overall health, including high cardiovascular risks, he added.

The study was published in the Journal Redox Report.

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