How to use essential oils safely and effectively at home

Nothing really beats a good massage with essential oils especially chosen and blended to suit you.However essential oils can be very successfully used at home in the workplace, or whilst travelling. 

One of the real benefits of Aromatherapy as a therapy is that it reaches easily beyond the treatment room. You can enjoy the benefits of the oils for pleasure or for therapeutic purpose by making your own blends or using custom-blended products on a regular basis. 

Essential oils are widely available and very flexible in their application. They can be used to support and enhance your health and vitality in a variety of ways.

Often books and on-line information will give you ideas about which essential oils can be used for particular ailments or to achieve a particular mood but can sometimes be a bit vague about how you should actually use them if you are not using them for massage.

Below are some guidelines for how to use essential oils safely and effectively at home.

Firstly : Always buy the best essential oils you can afford, particularly if you are using them on the skin or using them for emotional purposes. You get better result with good quality oils. Simple as that. Find a supplier that you trust so that you can trust the oils that you use. The Aromatherapy Trade Council is a good place to find good suppliers who stock therapeutic grade oils.

Secondly: Essential oils are potent! Essential oils are not suitable for everybody and care should be taken when using them. People who are pregnant or breastfeeding, who have a health condition or sensitivities and allergies should consult a qualified Aromatherapist for advice. Essential oils should also be used with caution on children and not with young babies. Many essential oils should not be used unless you have been properly trained.
To find a good Aromatherapist or an Aromatherapy course look at the website of The International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists
T  Thirdly: Abide by the safety information and use by dates on any essential oils that you purchase. I would advise that you dilute essential oils unless you are using for vaporisation or direct inhalation and use as natural and botanic a base as possible to avoid reactions with the synthetic ingredients used in commercial products. Essential oils should be used for short periods to avoid any risk of sensitisation. 
    Some Applications & Quantities:
(   “Drops” describes the total number of drops of a single essential oil or a blend. Some essential oils have a very strong aroma and/ or a strong action and should be used in small quantities or be blended with suitable essential oils, before use.

    Baths: Use approximately 6 drops of Essential Oil diluted in a teaspoon of base oil/ a tablespoon of Natural Salts in a full bath. Great for relaxing or invigorating tired and tense muscles and minds, depending on the oils chosen. 


Shower: Add a few drops of a reviving essential oil to the floor of the shower room just before you turn on the shower to create an aroma-steam or add approximately 25 drops essential oil to 100ml plain shower gel base and shake well before using as liquid soap.

 Oils/ Cream/ Gel: Essential oils can be used to fragrance your skincare products or for their properties and dosage will vary considerably. As a rough guide use approximately 8-10 drops of essential oil to a tablespoon (20mls) of base product and stir well before applying to the body. Use half on the face.

    Floral Water: Aromatherapy spritzers and compresses can be made by adding approximately 20 drops of essential oil to 100ml natural floral water such as rose, lavender, chamomile. Shake before use. Really useful for cooling and calming the skin for example.
    Direct Inhalation: Put 3 or 4 drops of essential oil on a tissue (kitchen roll seems to hold the oil best). Can be used to help revive, refresh or calm you according to the oils used. Useful when you are stressed or anxious for example, to help aid concentration or when you have nausea.
   Steam Inhalation: Not suitable for asthmatics. Put 3 drops of a suitable essential oil in a bowl of hot water and inhale, covering the face and bowel with a towel if preferred. Really effective to help alleviate blocked sinuses and other respiratory tract infections.

I can create bespoke blends of essential oils, natural remedies or botanic skin care that are suitable for you to use at home.  
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