How to Make Soy Candles at Home

If you love candles you might like to make your own at home. 
Making candles in containers is quite straightforward  once you know the method and have some basic kit.

You will also save yourself some money and get to choose the look of your candles.
You can buy or recycle pretty heat-proof containers such as flower pots, jam jars, vintage crockery, tea light holders, sturdy glasses etc

I make my candles with beaded soya bean wax. If you have read my blog “What Are Your Candles Made Of” you will know that I choose natural plant waxes over parrafin for several health and environmental reasons. I also don’t use colour and only use essential oils to fragrance my candles in order to make as pure a candle as possible but if you are making your candle for its decorative appeal there are many options available.

These instructions follow the method I use to make soy container candles. Other natural waxes such as rapeseed, vegetable wax and beeswax are available and also make lovely candles. If you want to make moulded pillar candles you will need to follow a different method and use different wax and wicks.

A website I found useful when starting to make candles is

Get the containers you wish to use. I have used empty glass Nutella jars to show you my method. 

Work out what volume of wax the containers will take by measuring how much water it takes to almost fill the container. These jars were approx 200ml. 
Weigh out wax to the same amount of grams as the volume in mls. This is not totally accurate but good enough.
Prepare your containers with wicks and wick sustainers. Use wick holders to keep the wicks steady and central.

If you buy beaded wax it is much easier to work with. Melt the wax in a heat proof jug in the microwave or over a bain-marie until it is totally liquid. Please use precautions when handling hot wax. Stir well and allow to cool a little before pouring.
If you want scented candles you will need to leave the wax to cool significantly before adding essential oils or fragrance. The temperature you pour at will vary according to the wax you use and the type of fragrance.

Carefully pour the molten wax into the containers and leave to cool. 

Once the wax has solidified carefully remove the wick holder and trim your wicks to max 1cm above the wax. 
(Wicks should be trimmed to 0.5cm after the first burn but I find if you need to have them a bit longer for the initial burn.)

Leave the candles to rest for 24 hours before lighting them.

A word on wicks:
Its important to get the right wick for your containers. You need to measure the diameter of your container to work out what kind of wick or how many wicks you will need. Too small and the candle will not burn to the edges of the container; too large and the candle will burn very quickly which is essentially a waste.
Wicks tend to vary from one supplier to another but its best to buy primed wicks made from unbleached natural fibres for container candles. Any container over 80mm in diameter may need two wicks to burn well. 
Avoid containers which are much smaller at the bottom than at the top as you will not be able to get the wicks in the right place to achieve a good burn.
Also in terms of containers avoid a container that is very long and narrow as it will be difficult to light the wick once it has burnt down.

I use glue dots and metal wick sustainers to ensure the wick stays firmly stuck to the bottom of the container and wick holders to ensure that the wick stays in the centre when the wax is poured.
I buy my wax supplies from
If you want to experiement without buying large quantities you can by a kit from me which includes 4 containers and the wicks, wax, glue and wick holders you need to fill the containers or a kit with 800g wax and wicks etc so you can fil your own containers:

I also sell a range of Aromatherapy Soy Candles in my on-line shop. Matching Natural Room Fragrance Atomisers can also be purchased.

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