How to make natural scrubs for the face and body

 Exfoliating the skin on the regular basis helps slough off dead skin cells and encourage the healthy renewal of new skin. Using a scrub on the face, hands, feet and body weekly will help keen the skin soft and smooth. 
It is very simple to make effective, inexpensive scrubs from salts and other natural ingredients. You can add essential oils for their fragrance and/or therapeutic properties. 
You can make just enough of a scrub for a one-off skin treatment or make enough to keep in a kilner jar or plastic tub.

For a straightforward exfoliating body wash that you can use  in the shower simply add a good tablespoon of ground olive stones (sometimes known as washing grains) to 1-2 table spoons of showergel/ liquid soap. Mix well. 
The grains have a texture like sand and do a great job of exfoliating the skin on the body. The grains will sink to the bottom of the liquid soap so if you add them directly to the bottle shake or stir well before using. Wash as usual, avoiding areas of sensitive skin.

Salts make excellent exfoliating scrubs. I like to combine Dead Sea Salt and Epsom Salt and some light oil such as Fractionated Coconut for a simple scrub that gives great results. It seems to work best when the salts you use have a slight variation in size of grains. The epsom salts have small grains and the dead sea salt is usually slightly larger and work well together. Also if you use the scrub after a short soak in the bath and then enjoy the therapeutic properties of the salts in the bath with the moisturising properties of the oil your skin will really benefit.

If you like to add essential oils for fragrance zingy citrus oils such as Lime, Lemon and Bergamot work really well in scrubs for the shower but be aware that some citrus oils – particularly orange – can be itchy or irritant if the scrub is used in the bath. Invigorating oils such as Rosemary, Eucalyptus and Ginger can also be excellent used in a morning shower scrub.
Use about 400g mixed salts and 50ml light oil and approx 30 drops of essential oil (optional) to make a simple scrub that you can keep in a clean plastic pot. 

Pink Himalayan Salt has excellent detoxification properties and you can use appropriate essential oils such as Juniper, Cypress, Grapefruit and Geranium Essential oils with the pink salts to make a detox scrub.

If you want a really rich moisturising scrub with a thicker texture you can make a butter scrub by melting shea butter and solid coconut oil and combining it with a little liquid coconut oil to make before whipping slightly and adding the salts. Playing with the quantities will give you a consistency that works for you.

You can combine different exfoliant ingredients for good results on different areas of the body. I like to use the ground olive stones with salts and essential oil of lemon for a hand scrub and ground pumice with salts and peppermint/spearmint for a foot scrub.

The ingredients mentioned so far will be too harsh for a facial scrub. My favourite is to use a teaspoon of ground almonds or porridge oats mixed with a little water, oil or liquid soap and massage into the face and rinse off. So simple and so effective!

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