How to make an Aromatherapy Massage Oil

You can make your own Aromatherapy Oils for massage or conditioning and moisturising the skin. It is easy!!
All you need is some botanic base oils, good quality essential oils, a blending bowl, and some dark plastic or glass bottles with caps to store the oils.
You can blend the essential oils purely for their aroma or for their therapeutic properties. Enjoy creating the blends suggested or invent your own!!
Please note:

  •  All the recipes below are for 50ml total of base oil. Essential oils should always be diluted before applying to the skin. Do not exceed the amount of drops recommended.
  • The amount of essential oil used is 2% or less for massage or for a body oil – ie 1ml (25 drops) of essential oil max in 50ml base oil. Generally you do not need this much. 18 drops approx is often enough.
  • Some essential oils have a very strong aroma (ie Geranium, Ylang Ylang, Roman Chamomile) or a strong action ( ie Black Pepper, Cinnamon, Clary Sage) You will only need a few drops in your blend.
  • These oils are not specifically designed for the face. See my other post – botanic oils for the face
  • These oils are not designed to be used by pregnant women (except Mum to be), children, the frail or elderly or people with an existing medical condition.

  • Citrus Essential oils are phototoxic and should not be applied to the skin before exposure to the sun
  • Essential Oils are not recommended if you have sensitive skin, broken skin or a skin condition unless they are blended specifically for the problem by a qualified Professional Aromatherapist.
Recommended Base Oils:

I like to use a 50/50 blend of Sweet Almond and Apricot Kernal Oils for Massage and Body Oils. This is a nourishing, yet light oil that glides easily over the skin and leaves the skin  moisturised without feeling greasy.
If you are allergic to nuts you can use Sunflower Oil instead.
A little Jojoba Oil makes a nice addition to any body oil and extends the life of the blend if you are making enough to keep.
Rosehip Oil is great to add up to 20% if you have old scars or stretch marks.
Fractionated Coconut Oil is good for massage if the person has a lot of body hair.

Suggested Essential Oil Blends:

The total amount of (drops) of essential oil should be blended in 50ml base oil

Detox – Lemon (5), Grapefruit (5), Cypress (4) and Juniper(4)

Relax – Bergamot (5), Sweet Orange (5), Clary Sage (3) and Sandalwood (5)
Balance – Geranium (3), Rose (4), Lavender(5) and Bergamot (6)

Mum to Be – Neroli (4), Frankincense (3) , Mandarin (3)
Cheerful – Grapefruit (5), Bergamot (5), Mandarin (5) and Lime (3)

Tense Muscles – Spanish Marjoram (5), Lavender (4), Bergamot (6), Roman Chamomile (3)

Energising – Rosemary (6), Ginger (4), Lime (6)

For Men – Cypress (6), Cedarwood (4), Sandalwood (5), Vetiver(3)

Measure out 50ml of base oil and carefully add the drops of essential oil using the dropper provided in the bottle. Swirl or shake to ensure the essential oils are evenly distributed. Use approximately 10ml as a moisturising body oil or 20ml for a massage.

If you prepare the oils in a bowl cover any unused oil and use within the next couple of days. 
If you store the oils in a bottle ensure the lid is tighly closed. If the oils used are fresh and the bottle is stored in a cool dry place the oil will keep for 3 months.

Latin Names of suggested Essential Oils:
Lavender – Lavandula Angustofolia
Bergamot – Citrus aurantium var bergamia
Neroli – Citrus aurantium var amara
Cypress- Cupressus sempiverens
Cedarwood – Cedrus atlantica
Chamomile Roman – Chamaemelum nobile
Lemon – Citrus limonum
Grapefruit – Citrus x paradisi
Sweet Orange – Citrus sinensis
Lime – Citrus aurantofolia
Mandarin –  Citrus reticulata
Frankincense – Boswellia carterii
Geranium – Pelargonium graveolens
Rosemary – Rosemarinus officinals ct 1.8 cineole
Ginger – Zingiber officinalis
Spanish Marjoram – Origanum marjorana
Juniper – Juniperus communis
Sandalwood – Santalum austrocaledonicum
Vetiver – Vetiveria zizanoides

Aromatherapy Oils are available from my website. I also offer an apothecary/ bespoke service via email/phone where I will custome blend for you. See

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