Essential oils and eye safety

I am always the first to say lets keep our sensible pants on when using essential oils.  Placing essential oil anywhere near the eye is not recommended.  However I have always been fascinated by those applications of essential oil which rely on just a few molecules to have a discernable effect.  Now you might say this is not aromatherapy at all this is cosmetics and thats fine by me.

I may be able to throw some light here as we have a commercial eyedrop and eyemist range. Certainly the idea of placing any essential oil even diluted as aromatherapists understand the term (1-3% in a vegetable oil) appears to me inappropriate. I dont like the term inappropriate as its usually a euphemism for what we really want to say. eg dangerous!

We do hear of the utility in drinking/using significant quantities of essential oil on the if you dont use ‘enough’ then it wont ‘work’ principle. This is based firmly in the ‘material’ concept of perception. If the issue is that bad it should certainly be taken to a doctor.

However the value that essential oil has time and time again that has been demonstrated in individual cases is the impact on the ‘immaterial’. The life we perceive but cannot touch or sit upon. Physics and Biology are coming ever closer to a ‘description’ of this but even a ‘description’ will be couched in material terms which our minds can perceive in some form of analogy or another.

Essential oil certainly is used with success in commercial environmental eyedrops but in a dilution of 1/2500. The ‘materialist’ would say that is too immaterial for an ‘impact’ and the result must be ‘placebo’. Aromatherapy might say that no a 1/2500 dilution while certainly being too small to be of harm is nonetheless capable of benefit. As these natural eyedrops sell in their hundreds of thousands in pharmacies something must be going on and that has intrigued researchers. The prescription of conventional eyedrops as a ‘front line’ environmental eyedrop has documented medical risks hence the need for a ‘natural’ environmental eyedrop.

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