cinnamomum zeylanicum-distilled from either the dried inner bark or the leaves and twigs.  These are different oils with different constituents. Both are used for their fragrance and therapeutic action in cough syrups and dental preparations; food flavoring and soft drinks. The leaf oil (Eugenol 80%) is used in soap, cosmetics, perfumes. Both blend well with YLANG YLANG, ORANGE, MANDARIN, BENZOIN, PERU BALSAM, AND CLOVE. 

CAUTIONS:  Bark oil (Cinnamaldehyde 40-50%) is considered  “hazardous” and should never be used in aromatherapy without considerable dilution. (1%) and even then with caution. Leaf oil should be used only in dilution and in moderation. There is related oil from c. cassia which is extremely dermal toxic.
CHARACTER:  “Fiery Defender” Warming, Secular, Fair-minded, Uplifting, Inquisitor, Challenging for the Truth,
ETHERIC COLORS: Red, Orange, Gold, Magenta
NUMBER:  2    
CRYSTALS:  Tourmaline, Tiger Iron, Rainbow Jasper   
CHAKRA:  1,2,5
ELEMENT:  Fire, Water
ASTRO:  Sun, Mercury
ENERGY TYPE:  Mostly 3, 1
USED FOR THESE POSITIVE ATTRIBUTES:  Invigorated, Steadfast, Benevolent, Strength, Practical, Energy, Realistic, Direct
USED FOR THESE NEGATIVE STATES:  Unstable, Malice, Spite, Fear, Nervous, Mental Fatigue
USED FOR THESE PHYSICAL STATES: Lice, tooth and gum care, poor circulation, intestinal problems, chills, colds, flu, infections, mucus congestions throughout the body, pain, bronchitis
PERSONALITY: (The leaf and bark are different.  The leaf is more similar to CLOVE and RAVENSARA)
+ Practical, intelligent, strong, steady, lively company, warm hearted, generous, approachable. Can be conservative, but does enjoy a bit of excitement as long as it doesn’t interfere with their well-being.  They enjoy sporting activities.
+ They take their home life serious and will defend everyone in it.  Don’t take kindly to criticism, or harming of their children.  They could go on the warpath.
+ Enjoys being well dressed and having an expensive car, nice home, and all the material possessions needed for a comfortable life.  Home is full of electrical gadgetry, even if not used and might have plenty of garden equipment looking good leaning against the fence. They have a need for material wealth, which can cause unhappiness if it puts them in an unsuitable job. Best suited for service business, or jobs in security, social worker, sports teacher, probation officer, building, electronics, decorating.
+ If something wears out, they don’t bother repairing it.  Just buy a new one.
+ Will first and foremost please themselves.  Stand up for their rights and usually get them.  They expect service and honesty from everyone.  They never lie.
+They do enjoy law and order, and everything in its place.  They might become fascinated with criminal justice.  They despise unlawfulness, cheating.
+ Direct and forceful, sometimes too opinionated for their own good.
+ Illness doesn’t seem to affect them, but they might be accident prone.
+May be manipulating, sometimes over controlling.
-If negative, can become superficial and conceited, bullying.
-Infidelity might be a temptation for them, mentally if not always physically.
BLENDS: Aztec Treasure, Brave Heart,  Caldera, Captivating,Cinnamon Bears,  Citrine,  Five Powers,  Focused Journey,   Forever Christmas,  Gingerbread,  ,  Marzipan,  Muladahara,   Navajo Mountain,  Pirates,  Swadisthana,  Tiger Eye,  Timberline, 
 Vanilla Pie Spice,  Way of the Leaf,  Wild At Heart,    

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