5 Remedies For Autism

Autism is a developmental problem that develops during early childhood, before the age of three. It affects the child’s ability to communicate with others. It is a disorder, which affects the normal functioning of the brain resulting in poor social interaction skills. Generally, children affected by autism have problems in language, behavior and social interaction. The symptoms vary greatly and the children may behave differently. 




The common symptoms may include poor eye contact, resisting holding, playing alone, not asking for things, not speaking, delayed speech, loss of acquired language, not able to hear at times, unable to understand simple questions, moving constantly, getting disturbed at slightest change in routine, doing repetitive movements, sensitive to light, having odd food preference, self harming, etc. Autism may be due to genetic problems and environmental factors like viral infection, complications in pregnancy, etc. Early treatments can lead to a lot of difference in the life of children affected by autism. Herbs are found to be effective in autism to increase digestion, blood circulation, protecting brain and nervous system, detoxification, sensory regulation and allergies.

Herbal Remedies For Autism

Acorus Calamus (Calamus)

Calamus is used in treating mental disorders. It stimulates the power of self-expression and improves intelligence in individuals. The roots increase the blood circulation in brain and enhance communication abilities by stimulating the brain. It increases memory power and aids in digestion. It has anti-gas properties.

Thus, it is beneficial for autism. It can be used to treat common stomach problems and lung disorders. It is a natural stomach acid balancer. It will reduce stomach acids when taken in small quantities and produces more acids in stomach when taken in higher quantity. It can be combined with various other herbs to treat many health conditions. acorus calamus

Ginkgo Biloba

It is an excellent herb used to treat many brain and nerve related problems as well as circulatory conditions. It improves the blood flow to brain cells and it forms a protective cover over the cells especially nerve cells. It promotes peripheral blood circulation. The biochemical present in Ginkgo benefits memory loss. It is used for cognitive disorders too. It has been reported to be useful in long term and short-term memory loss, as well as improving the concentration and focus. It reduces confusion and fatigue and improves the learning abilities. gingko biloba tea   Effective Home Remedies For Autism Top 10 Natural Cures For Autism


It is a powerful Chinese herb to improve the immune system of the body.  It boosts energy and reduces stress. It is used as a stamina tonic. It has antiviral properties. It can treat night sweats, numbness, ulcers and sores.

It can cure cold and flu. It can be taken as a daily immune drink. It can treat respiratory infections very effectively. It can be taken as herbal tea or can be added in soup or can be cooked along with rice and used daily. astragalus

Centelle asiatica (Gotu kola)

It has been used traditionally for brain related disorders. It is very effective for neurological problems. It can be used to treat cognitive disorder. The herb can be taken raw as salad or fresh juice can be taken every morning.  The herb is rich in vitamin B, which is an essential vitamin for nervous system. It is a powerful antioxidant, natural coolant, and rejuvenator. It has anti-inflammatory properties. It assists the blood vessels and improves blood flow in the body. It rejuvenates the brain and nerve cells. It has been used in spine injuries, neuromuscular disorders and trauma.  It improves brain functions, memory, and focus. The active substance called triterpene is beneficial for the connective tissues of the body. gotu kola

Piper methysticum (Kava Kava)

It is a very effective herb for brain related disorders. The roots are used in herbal treatments. It can reduce depression, anxiety, stress, and is good for sleep disorders.  It is good for sensory problems and enhances social behavior.

It treats nervous disorders, restlessness, psychosis and headaches. It can be taken as a sleep medicine. It improves the mood, relaxes the mind and aids in overall well being. Kava kava can influence the brain stimuli and make it work in a calm way. kava kava

Caution: Please use Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.

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